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This is why I offer bio identical hormone therapy.

The following have all been linked to cancer

About Dr. Gerald W Miller
  • Conjugated estrogens (Premerin, PremPro, Estritest, Cynestin)  
  • Diethyl stilbaestrol (DES)
  • Medroxy progesterone (Provera,  Depo provera)
  • Cadaver source growth hormone
  • Birth control pills

"When I was a medical student years ago, I thought the complexity of the hormones and their interactions and inter-relations were way too difficult for a family physician to learn, much less master. So when I moved to the Portland area in 1991, I continued to refer all of these patients to gynecologists, urologists and endocrinologists.
However, two strange things happened". 
"First of all, the specialists who had four extra years of training in dealing with these complexities, wanted only to deal with diabetics-90% of whom could be returned to a non diabetic state with diet and activity, and at least early on, with no medication. I found that my motivated diabetics were not getting the care and attention they needed to head off the serious complications of their disease".
"Secondly, those who saw specialists about their hormone issues were not getting treatment other then what we had been taught in medical school twenty and more years ago. Drug information was largely provided by large pharmaceutical companies. The information was not being looked at clinically and the pharmaceutical companies, like other large companies, were doing what they could to turn a profit.
 Apparently, I had developed some credibility with these patients, as both parties returned saying "Please learn something about this stuff so I can get the care I need."
"I was never one to shy away from a challenge. I always wanted to be better than the average doctor and provide superior care. The more I studied, the more I came to realize superior care would involve non-traditional or natural therapies. The more I studied the more I came to realize the importance of processing this information processing this information with integrity and not changing the rules. Ascertaining the validity of test results when applied to “natural products”. I also came to see more and more of these “natural products” having a positive impact on my patients. "
"My over all motto in dealing with these problems, was stated by John F. Kennedy in the 60’s – “Some people see things as they are and say, why? I see things as they could be and say, why not?"

Doctor Miller has taken up the challenge. He has studied over 1300 hours in the last 5 years and become board certified in Anti-Ageing Medicine, all the while maintaining a busy medical practice.
Doctor Miller has been offering bio-identical hormone replacement (“the only safe way to do it!”) to his patients for just under ten years. Doctor Miller has come to believe that the negativity emanating from the majority of mainstream medical colleagues is a result of the threat that this knowledge of natural, effective and often less expensive therapies poses to their status quo knowledge base.
This conviction has been confirmed by the repeated attacks on the integrity of pioneers, like Dr. John Lee, who promoted bio identical hormones for thirty years. It has also been confirmed by the attacks on Suzanne Somers who has consulted with top experts in the country and written 2 books on the subject, the latter of which was called Ageless. What a brave and intelligent lady to champion women’s rights to the safest hormone replacement available, while taking them herself, after bilateral mastectomy for cancer.

Doctor Miller is on most commercial insurance panels, but also sees cash-pay patients.
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